Much of our work is led by compassionate community champions who serve on one of our six committees:

  • Faith
  • Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)
  • Youth
  • Veterans
  • Performance
  • Rank and Review


Faith Committee: the goal of this committee is to work with Atlanta’s faith community to create opportunities which align with CoC’s strategic plans and maximize volunteer efforts so that they have a meaningful impact on ending homelessness.
Current Committee Members: Reverend Connie Lee, Reverend Lauren Holder, Brad Schweers, Ashlee Starr, Bec Cranford, Reverend Mary Wetzel, Katie Smith

HMIS Committee

Youth Committee: the goal of this committee is to align current efforts to create a strategic plan to end youth homelessness by 2020 throughout the Atlanta Continuum of Care provider network.
Current Committee Members: Tracey Scott, Kathy Palumbo, Kim Anderson, Cindy Simpson, Allison Ashe, Emily Brown, Brittany Garner, Lamar Smith, Tonya Malone, Dr. Wright
Veterans Committee: the goal of this committee is to ensure that work continues to sustain Atlanta’s Declaration of an effective end to Veteran homelessness and to create a Sustainability Plan which ensures efforts continue long-term.

Performance Committee: the goal of this committee is to analyze system and programmatic data for trends, costs, performance and compliance and provide reports to the Governing Council. They also monitor HEARTH recipients’ performance, evaluate outcomes and recommend actions to improve performance or recommend an action plan to improve poor performing projects.