CoC NOFA/Funding

2017 HUD CoC NOFA (Notice of Funding Availability) and Related CoC Information

The FY2017 NOFA for the CoC program was released by the Department of Housing and Urban Development on July 14, 2017.

Partners for HOME, as the Collaborative Applicant for the Atlanta CoC, will submit a consolidated application to HUD, on behalf of the Atlanta CoC and project applicants.

In line with the HUD NOFA, Opening Doors (the USICH Strategic Plan), and ClearPath (Atlanta’s Strategic Plan), the Atlanta CoC NOFA Policy Committee developed the Atlanta CoC NOFA policy and process.

To be eligible to apply for funding, agencies:

  • Must be voting members of the Atlanta CoC;
  • Must demonstrate alignment to the Atlanta CoC policy priorities;
  • Must be active in the Atlanta CoC; and
  • Must be active users of HMIS.

The application process has several steps.  The process, as well as the related materials, are posted below, and as more materials and guides are made available, they will also be posted.  

In addition to the Atlanta CoC materials, all agencies that are interested in learning more about this HUD CoC funding cycle are encouraged to read the NOFA and related materials, which are posted on the HUD website.  

There were two opportunities to learn more about this process, one in person and one via webinar.  The in-person meeting was on August 1, at 2pm, and the webinar was on August 2, at 10am. The presentation from those meetings is posted below.


2017 Materials





HUD Materials




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