Coordinated Entry

Partners for HOME’s goal is to ensure that people who need assistance the most can receive it in a timely manner by providing access points across metro Atlanta. Individuals will be assessed and prioritized based on vulnerability and severity of service needs. If you have any questions on Coordinated Entry, please feel free to contact our Coordinated Entry Manager, Ashlee Starr at 404-838-6497.

Coordinated Access Point (CAP) Locations: As of November 2016

Stationary Sites

The Gateway Center
275 Pryor St., SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Monday-Friday 9:00 am -4:00 pm
First come, first serve basis.
Check-in located on the first floor.

Mobile Sites

Mobile assessments are performed by local PATH teams.  If a client needs PATH services, we can refer them directly to a PATH team.  Each client that is seen by a PATH worker or at our stationary CAP, are assessed using the VI-SPDAT.  

Permanent Supportive Housing Beds and Rapid Rehousing

Currently, we are prioritizing our permanent supportive housing beds for those clients that have been assessed through Coordinated Entry and are chronically homeless.  We have also implemented coordinated entry with clients who are in need of rapid rehousing.  If a client is assessed and scored between a 4-9 on the VI-SPDAT, they may be eligible for rapid rehousing.  Families and Veterans are being prioritized for rapid rehousing interventions.  


Atlanta Homeless Continuum Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures