Equal Access to Housing

March 10, 2023
10:00 - 12:00

The Atlanta CoC is hosting a training on HUD’s Equal Access Rule and Family Separation. This virtual training session will offer a deeper dive into:

  • Laws prohibiting discrimination.
  • Atlanta CoC Policy and HUD’s Equal Access Rule.
  • Family Separation Prevention Practices
  • Strategies to work with individuals who interact with CoC and YHDP programs and agencies funded by CoC and YHDP.

Every agency that receives Atlanta CoC and YHDP funding is required to ensure the attendance of at least one representative at the session but is encouraged to send as many staff as they would like to the session.


Abby Miller is a homeless systems design consultant who has worked with HUD’s Strategic Planning and SNAPS Offices. Abby has set goals and managed performance toward ending veteran homelessness, as well as worked on Coordinated Entry, Fair Housing, equal access for LGBTQ+ persons, intersections of policy + data, and led SNAPS’ technical assistance efforts. Before joining HUD, Abby worked as a homelessness researcher and advocate, for people living in encampments and experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

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