To end homelessness as quickly as possible, the Atlanta Homeless Continuum of Care has a real need for landlords and property managers to make more rental units available especially to those with high barriers.

To accomplish this, the CoC works with Open Doors,  a program sponsored by the Atlanta Real Estate Collaborative, Enterprise Community Partners, and Project Community Connections, Inc.

Open Doors recruits companies with professionally managed properties willing to rent to veterans, families, and individuals in need of housing. As a Property Partner, you’ll be working with professional housing case managers employed by the best non-profit agencies in Metro Atlanta and will be connected only to households who have financial assistance and ongoing support, enabling them to be stable tenants.

By becoming a member of the Open Doors collaborative, Property Partners receive referrals of tenants who’ve been matched with a range of subsidies and services which equip them to be successful residents in your properties. (i.e. funding through HUD, housing authorities, non-profits, and the State of Georgia.)

There are absolutely no fees associated with joining the Open Door program. Over 95% of our funding is provided by private contributions.

Benefits to your property can include:

  • Increased Occupancy Rates: We quickly connect property managers to people in need of affordable housing. When a unit becomes vacant, we can find a match.
  • Timely Rent Payment: Regular assessment check-ins with tenants make sure they are successfully meeting the terms and rules of their lease.
  • Reduce Apartment Turnover: Housing case managers help tenants manage a household budget as well as provide financial management education to help them remain stable, paying tenants.
  • Tenant Issue Resolution Support: Property managers are encouraged to contact housing case managers to resolve tenant issues impacting their lease.
  • Support Fair Housing: Properties participating in Open Doors are affirmatively furthering fair housing by eliminating barriers and returning homeless families and individuals to housing.
  • Reduce Evictions: Program participants receive housing services, appropriate to their situation, to make them stable tenants and prevent problems that can lead to eviction.

Learn more about the Open Doors program at If you are interested in becoming a property management partner, please call or email Matt Hurd at or (470) 222-3213