Team Mundito is providing timely assistance to households at the onset of homelessness


The City of Atlanta has launched a major initiative to make homelessness rare, brief, and nonrecurring. Partners for Home leads the City’s coordinated strategy on homelessness. In this campaign, Team Mundito is working with Partners for Home to focus on making homelessness very brief with direct subsidies to households at their moment of need: rental assistance, down payments, temporary lodging – customized solutions by a diversion specialist to help clients navigate their housing issues.


The cost of diverting a household from homelessness is $1,000-$2,500. We’re aiming to provide $50k to help 20-50 households. We’re counting on donations of $25,000, which we (Margaret and Richard) will match with $25,000. And if Team Mundito responds with its customary enthusiasm, we will happily match donations up to $35,000 to increase our impact.

Campaign Supporters

  • Margaret Graff donated $25,000
  • Robert M. and Marilyn R. Nerem Charitable Fund donated $5,000
  • Joyce C. Sayle Charitable Fund donated $5,000
  • Ray T. and Patricia Strickland donated $2,000
  • Mike Gardner and Brent Huff donated $2,000
  • Lynn and David Fountain Giving Account donated $2,000
  • Thomas Jones donated $1,200
  • Anonymous donated $1,000
  • Anonymous donated $1,000
  • Kathryn Knudson donated $1,000
  • The Joy Luck Club donated $1,000
  • Tracy White donated $1,000
  • Nancy Verber donated $500
  • Christie Jarrio donated $323
  • Len Leritz donated $300
  • David Gaus donated $270
  • Anne Emanuel donated $250
  • Bonnie Heath donated $108
  • Carol Barnum donated $100