Panel RFP

The Panel RFP as been paused to make updates to the application process. The community will be notified when the new application and process is live. 

Partners for HOME’s panel RFP is a new application used to identify a group of preferred service providers to contract with for homeless services in the City of Atlanta. The goal of the panel RFP is to refine the number of direct service providers used as part of the subgrantee awards process and help reduce the number of times agencies must apply for open funding opportunities.

Approval to the panel does not guarantee a contractual agreement.  Agencies may be removed from the panel if the agency’s performance on a contract results in the contract being terminated prior to completion. We anticipate reviewing the panel biennially. The first phase of the process panel RFP is an application submission for up to 10 program categories within the Atlanta Continuum of Care.

Program Categories

  1. Outreach and Navigation only
  2. Outreach and Navigation to Rapid Rehousing
  3. Rapid Rehousing Case Management only
  4. Rental Assistance Intermediary only
  5. Unit Acquisition (Minimum 100 units)
  6. Rapid Rehousing (Case Management, Unit Acquisition, and Rental Assistance)
  7. Rapid Rehousing for Special Populations
  8. Permanent Supportive Housing
  9. Voucher Application and Navigation
  10. Diversion and Rapid Exit