Open Requests for Proposals

Release Date: June 22, 2022

Partners for HOME seeks responses for the following racial equity training and consultation support and may make multiple awards to one or more entities.  Entities may apply for one or more training areas:

Organizational and Cultural Assessment
Racial Equity Alignment
Racial Equity Implementation
Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Competency

PfH is seeking responses for the training and consultation for a cohort of homeless service providers to create a racial equity and justice framework which will support organizations in addressing racial disparities among people experiencing homelessness, to identify and work to eliminate structural and institutional racism, and to train providers to examine policy and procedures using an anti-racist and equity lens/framework. Deadline for proposals is July 22, 2022. 


Questions can be emailed to Partners for HOME. We will place questions and answers on this page.



What are the intentions for financial documentation requirements? What do you expect to learn about the organization from these requirements?

The rationale for requesting financial statements is to ensure that the organization is financially health and able to deliver the project.  Audited financial statements help to gauge financial viability but also confirm that the organization has good internal controls.

What is most urgent and important that should be accomplished within the budget? What does success look like under this RFP?
To provide a response that outlines what could be accomplished with the funding available and outline the outcomes that could be achieved.