Open Requests for Proposals

Release Date: March 2, 2021

Partners for HOME is seeking Requests for Proposals addressing Coordinated Entry for individuals and family fleeing domestic violence. Please review the full application by clicking the button below. The full proposal is due March 26, 2021 by 5 p.m.


Questions can be emailed to Jillian Churik.

Is there a match requirement for this grant? If so, what is the amount/percentage?

There is not a match for the first year.  There may be a match up to 25% for subsequent years.

Are these HUD CoC funds with P4H acting as the grantee (and PADV as a potential subgrantee)? If not, what is the funding source?

Yes, these are HUD CoC funds. Partners for HOME receives the funding directly from HUD, and is procuring the services out to be awarded to a sub-recipient.

Are there any positions available for Case Managers or Housing Advocates?

The funded positions are outlined in the RFP on page 2 and include the following:

  • 2 FTE’s to complete coordinated entry system assessments utilizing the VI-SPDAT 2.0 and complete intakes for clients that are eligible for emergency shelter placement at a domestic violence facility; assess clients currently fleeing DV in person or via telephone/virtual and enroll in HMIS.
  • 1 FTE to provide coordination of the homeless and emergency services within the Coordinated Entry System to reduce barriers to housing. Provide housing navigation services to ensure clients are supported in gathering documentation needed for housing assessment and placement.
Is there a link for an application?

There is not an application for this RFP.   The requirements for the proposal are listed on page 4 of the RFP, beginning with the section titled “Minimum Submission Requirements”.

For the three FTE requirement, do these have to be agency employees or can we fill with contracted workers?

For the three FTE requirements, they would need to be agency employees and not contractual workers, since there will be expectations of days and hours of operation and not just an outcome of work.  An agency can choose to use for example; 2 staff at .5 FTE to make up one FTE.  In this example, there would need to be clear reporting of hours spent in the .5 FTE

Will this coordinated entry system be for anyone who contacts us, regardless of county of contact, or only people who contact us/are referred to us currently living in the City of Atlanta?

Anyone fleeing domestic violence that wants to relocate to Atlanta, they would need to go through the DV CE path.