Open Requests for Proposals

Release Date: May 27, 2021

Partners for HOME is seeking Proposals for training and consultation for system wide customer service strategy and roll out; LGBTQ inclusion, sensitivity and competency; racial equity, inclusion, and competency; and an evidence-based practice series/trainings covering topics related to implementation of rapid re-housing, permanent supportive housing, low barrier emergency shelter practices, harm reduction, trauma informed care, and housing first. Please review the full RFP by clicking the button below. The full proposal is due June 25, 2021 by 5 p.m.



Questions can be emailed to Partners for HOME. We will place questions and answers on this page as they are submitted.



What is the anticipated length of engagement for the entire scope of work?

This depends on the proposed training schedule.

How many training participants do you anticipate attending the trainings?

 This depends on the type of training and suggested size by proposer.

Please provide more details on the meaning of “Customer Service Strategy and Training?”

 We are looking for a strategy to create a system-wide customer service industry standard and a plan to roll that out CoC-wide with training and support.

Please provide more details about what you are looking for when you ask for a “organizational budget.”

 The organizational budget is the annual operating budget.

Please provide more details regarding what level of detail you are looking to see in the program budget.

 Please outline all costs associated with providing the proposed services.

Can we include the examples of past work and subject matter expert resumes/bios as attachments outside of the 2-page narrative limit?


When can we expect answers to these questions and how do we access your answers?

 Please expect answers to questions via email and on the FAQs section of the RFP page.