SPARC Initiative

Partners for HOME Statement Against Racism

Partners for HOME stands in solidarity with the fight against racism and racial inequality.  Racial disparities are stark in Atlanta among people experiencing homelessness (88% of PEH are black) and PfH remains committed to achieving the structural change objectives created through the Supporting Partnerships for Anti-Racist Community (SPARC) initiative. SPARC seeks to break down systemic racist barriers that lead people into homelessness and often prevent them from both exiting homelessness and to accessing permanent, safe, and affordable housing.

The SPARC objectives are:

  1. Expansion and prioritization of affordable housing for POC with 0-30% of area median income.
  2. Reduce the number of and the impact of evictions among families of color.
  3. Educate funders and health care systems to influence improvement in culturally competent healthcare for people of color.
  4. Increase health care coverage to POC through an 1115 waiver.

PFH will continue to partner with the CoC providers to achieve these objectives and make tangible, measurable change.

As a part of the SPARC partnership, quantitative and qualitative research was conducted in Atlanta by the SPARC team to evaluate racial disparities among people experiencing homelessness in Atlanta and the impact.  To see Atlanta’s full SPARC Report, click here.