CoC Grant Opportunities

CoC grant opportunities for homeless services providers and local government agencies.

HUD CoC Program

Annual U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Program Competition for local CoCs.

PSH Pipeline

Public-private partnership to develop 500 new permanent supportive housing units.

LIFT 2.0

Grant for CoC providers to provide services as part of the LIFT 2.0 homeless response plan.

Atlanta CoC

Grant for CoC providers to provide dedicated services as part of the Atlanta CoC services interventions.

Fundraising and Grantmaking

As part of our services, Partners for HOME raises funds and awards grants to support interventions and resources that help end homelessness in the City of Atlanta.

Throughout the year, we share funding opportunities for stakeholders serving the needs of the City’s homeless ecosystem.  

Funding supports homeless response across the City of Atlanta.

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