Atlanta Continuum of Care

The Atlanta Continuum of Care

The Atlanta CoC is comprised of over 170 nonprofit, government business and community stakeholders dedicated to ending homelessness the City of Atlanta. 

The Continuum of Care is a HUD program that promotes community-wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness and provides funding for efforts by nonprofit providers and state and local governments to quickly rehouse people impacted by homelessness. The Atlanta CoC works with Partners for HOME to execute its strategies to end homelessness in the City.   

The Atlanta CoC is an unincorporated association led by a Governing Council with committee and workgroup engagement for members including:

  • Purpose: To serve as a point of contact for the organization and the Atlanta CoC HMIS Administrators.
  • Point-of-Contact: Katie Wiseman and Alex Ukani
  • Workgroup currently closed. Meetings TBD.
  • Purpose: To address systemic and racial barriers within the homeless response system.
  • Point-of-Contact: Brianna Flowers
  • Meetings held bimonthly.
  • Purpose: To advise stakeholders with decision making authority in the CoC to ensure that the voices of those with lived experience and expertise are heard and included.
  • Point-of-Contact: Abby Bracewell (Abby Bracewell)
  • Meetings held monthly on the third Tuesday of each month.
  • Purpose: To develop an accessible, equitable, and effective Coordinated Entry System through ongoing evaluation and refinement.
  • Point-of-Contact: Paisley Stewart
  • Meetings held the fourth Thursday of each month.
  • Purpose: To ensure Data Quality Standards are being met by entering valid and reliable data into the HMIS. To review procedures for implementing the Data Quality Plan and Monitoring tool. To ensure any data corrections are carried out in a timely manner.
  • Point-of-Contact: Alex Ukani
  • Workgroup currently closed. Meetings TBD.
  • Purpose: To update the Diversion Program Model.
  • Point-of-Contact Denice Wade
  • Workgroup currently closed. Meetings TBD.
  • Purpose: To coordinate outreach providers in the City of Atlanta to function as one large outreach team to reach all unsheltered individuals.
  • Point-of-Contact: Denice Wade
  • Meetings held monthly.
  • Purpose: To develop and implement a path of strategies that end homelessness for Veterans.
  • Point-of-Contact: David Mance
  • Meetings held the fourth Monday of each month.
  • Purpose: To represent a wider array of community stakeholders dedicated to seeing the successful implementation of Atlanta Coordinated Community Plan to End Youth Homelessness
  • Point-of-Contact: Jasmine Cunningham
  • Meetings held the first Thursday of each month.
  • Purpose: To advocate for and lead the systematic change necessary in Atlanta to end youth homelessness.
  • Point-of-Contact: Jasmine Cunningham
  • Meetings held monthly.


Atlanta CoC

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Governing Council

The Atlanta Continuum of Care is governed by a distinguished group of stakeholders that represent 
nonprofit, government, business and community constituents in the City of Atlanta. 

Julio Carrillo
Hope Atlanta

Jason Dozier
Atlanta City Council

Natalie Hall
Fulton County

LaTarsha Holden
Client Advisory Committee

Robert E. Herrera, Rank + Review Chair
Points of Light

Erica Headlee
The Home Depot Foundation

Tracy Jones
Atlanta Housing

Deborah Lonon
City of Atlanta

Leslie Marshburn
Grady Health System

Erika Mitchell
Atlanta Public School Board

Amelia Nickerson
First Step Staffing

Marc Pollack
RangeWater Real Estate

Maxwell Ruppersburg
Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities

Brad Schweers
Intown Cares

Meaghan Shannon-Vlkovic, Chair
Enterprise Community Partners 

Sam Shenbaga
Atlanta Regional Commission

Rev. Sean Smith, Vice-Chair
New Horizon Baptist Church

Cathryn Vassell
Partners for HOME

Matt Westmoreland
Atlanta City Council

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