Quick Facts: The Melody Project

Quick Facts: The Melody Project

What is The Melody?

The Melody stands as a testament to the transformative power of community, collaboration, and compassion. The Melody is a groundbreaking initiative situated at 184 Forsyth St. in the heart of South Downtown that was transformed in four months from a nondescript city parking lot near the Garnett MARTA station to a community comprised of 40 innovative micro-units crafted from repurposed shipping containers, with 32 units meeting ADA compliance standards.

The Melody is the first project in Atlanta’s Rapid Housing Initiative with the goal to build 500 low-cost micro-units on city-owned land by the end of 2025. Each unit includes a bed, a private bathroom, and a functional kitchenette—providing not just shelter, but the foundation for a fresh start. The community offers a range of amenities, including a communal garden, dog park, and gathering spaces including a community area equipped with a kitchenette, offices, and laundry facilities to cater to residents’ diverse needs. Here, residents aren’t just tenants—they’re part of a community, forging connections and reclaiming their sense of belonging.

The research and evidence are overwhelmingly and abundantly clear: housing stands as the cornerstone in resolving homelessness. Yet, it is not solely housing that facilitates this transformation. Instead, it is the strategic incorporation of comprehensive wraparound supportive services that empowers individuals in their transition from homelessness to secure affordable housing.

Residents at The Melody are connected to a dedicated housing case manager who can assist them in achieving personally driven goals and empowering them to chart their own path to stability. The team at The Melody includes two fully licensed clinicians and two peer support specialists. Additionally, there will be one housing unit dedicated to an on-site resident assistant, somebody who also has lived experience with homelessness. This person will live on site and provide additional support for tenants. They will facilitate a resident council, so tenants have input into the community that they live in.

What are the roles of the various entities involved with the Melody?

The Melody stands as a testament to the power of unified purpose, demonstrating that when we join forces and collectively tackle barriers, remarkable transformations can unfold. It illustrates that by aligning efforts and addressing challenges collaboratively, a profound impact can be made on the lives of our community members.

The Rapid Housing Initiative, championed by Mayor Dickens and the City of Atlanta, underscores the city’s unwavering commitment to combating homelessness. Mayor Dickens has unequivocally declared homelessness a top priority, backing up his words with tangible resources and dedicated manpower to effect change.

The city’s Continuum of Care program, facilitated by Partners for HOME (PFH), takes ownership of The Melody, and spearheads the acquisition of additional structures from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA). This initiative aims to install new rapid housing units on city-owned property, further bolstering the city’s efforts to address homelessness.

HOPE Atlanta plays a pivotal role in providing wraparound services designed to meet the diverse and individualized needs of each client. From behavioral health support to food assistance, workforce development, and comprehensive case management, HOPE Atlanta strives to equip every client with the resources necessary to transition from survival to self-sufficiency. With two fully licensed clinicians and two certified peer specialists on staff, HOPE Atlanta ensures that clients receive the essential care and support they need to thrive.

TI Asset Management’s property management team steps in as the ongoing property management for this innovative housing model. With a focus on equitable housing in culturally diverse and underserved neighborhoods, TI Asset Management brings a wealth of experience to The Melody.

Atlantica Properties played an integral role in bringing this innovative project to fruition. Collaborating with The Beck Group and BMarko, Atlantica Properties has developed a blueprint for rapid housing. The Melody infuses biophilic elements into the units, utilizing earthy tones and synthetic turf to enhance the environment. Together, they have achieved the fastest fully permanent multifamily project in the city’s history.

The Melody showcases Atlanta’s dedication to scale housing solutions for our unhoused neighbors. Together, we will continue to make strides toward a more inclusive and supportive community for all.

How are individuals referred to The Melody?

The units at The Melody are prioritized for our unhoused neighbors who call downtown home already. Individuals come through Partners for HOME and are coordinated as part of its LIFT 1.0 and LIFT 2.0 homeless response efforts. Rapid rehousing (RRH) is a housing intervention that helps individuals and families experiencing homelessness quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing. It is offered without preconditions (such as employment, income, or sobriety) and includes wraparound support services tailored to the unique needs of the household.

What challenges do you foresee with The Melody?

As with any community there can be challenges. Tiny Home living isn’t suitable for everyone. While these units offer unique benefits, the community needs neighbors who will genuinely thrive in this environment.

As excitement surrounds the launch of The Melody, we must remain vigilant about sustaining interest and support for affordable housing initiatives. We’re dedicated to maintaining community engagement and advocating for the ongoing housing needs of Atlanta’s most vulnerable populations, ensuring that the momentum generated by The Melody continues to drive positive change in the long term.

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